State Fair Visit

Today we head over to the Kansas State Fair. Today’s objective is to avoid the rain that’s around us, and luckily we shouldn’t have a problem doing that.

Updates as we progress.

Update 1:

Gotta have a Pronto Pup!

On a side note, it’s not nearly as crowded here as we were thinking, and the weather is great with the cloud cover! Getting some ride tickets for H to use. Seems that rides (and tickets) are popular today.

Update 2:

H’s first ride of the day is “Beach Party”, one of those fun houses she loves so much.

Next up is the YoYo, an elevated swing ride.

She loves those thrill rides!

Update 3:

One of H’s favorites, the Tilt-A-Whirl! Unfortunately, H wasn’t as impressed with this one as it was pretty bumpy.

We did get a smile out of her at the very end.

Update 4:

“The Love Machine”

This girl goes full steam!

Then on to “The Arctic Express”

Having fun on the Midway!


Ready to ride!

Update 5:

Taking some time to walk through the buildings.

Spinning the wheel!

Milking a cow.

Update 6:

Back to the Midway

Met some friends walking along the Midway. Good to catch up with you all!

H caught some of her friends, and enjoyed some rides with them.

Update 7:

Done for the day. H is tired of walking (My step count is at 11,405), and the family is getting hungry.

Texans are playing the Saints right now, and the Broncos play the Raiders later tonight. Back to work for me tomorrow!

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