Stimulating Back Massage – State Fair Appendix

On our recent trip to the Fair, one of the vendors there was selling a TENS/EMS combined unit. Kellie was the first nibble, and I got sucked in as well.

The device they showed worked well, felt good (for awhile at least). They dropped the very “proud” price on their items, and we got their info and were on our way, quickly deciding that their price was simply not worth it.

Later that evening, I began searching for an alternative, and came across this Gem: 

Massage Therapy Concepts EMS/TENS Device

First time trying it out tonight, and it did quite well! If you are tired of those muscular knots in your back, or have random pains after doing something you haven’t in awhile, this may be what you’re after.

And as a bonus, it won’t break the bank!

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